Wholesale Supplier of a wide range of products which include lj 1020 lower roller bushing, lj 1160 2015 lower roller bushing, lj p2035 lower roller bushing, lj p3015 lower roller bushing, lj p3005 lower roller bushing and lj m5035 tray 2 pick up roller.

LJ 1020 Lower Roller Bushing

LJ 1160 2015 Lower Roller Bushing

LJ M5035 TRAY 2 Pick Up Roller

LJ P2035 Lower Roller Bushing

LJ P3005 Lower Roller Bushing

LJ P3015 Lower Roller Bushing

Lower Roller Bushing is the smallest part of laser printer but very important. If quality is not good than it will damage lower roller and Teflon sleeve . Our bushings are imported from renowned manufacturer of the world and material used is made in Japan. It improves life of fuser assembly.


  • Grade: 10.9/12.6
  • HRC: 55-65
  • Spare part: Trunion Bushing
  • Tensile Strength: 1170Mpa